Pinfeather Needs You

Pinfeather Needs You

Everything has a starting point. The first step into a larger world. We at Pinfeather Studios are starting to take our first baby steps. And along the way, we’re going to need a few hands to hold. If you don’t know, we are starting to build an all encompassing studio, school, label, marketing agency, one-stop-shop for musicians.

Why help?

Everyone knows a musician. Some small time musician that has written songs and is trying to make their music as best as they can. Or, heavens forbid, the musician that gave it up because they didn’t have the ability to continue. You’re helping them. You’re giving them the ability to make their music the way they want to.

The more funds we raise, the more musician grants we can give out. The more studio space we can build. The more classes and workshops we can hold. The more professionals we can hire to help and much, much more.

Sound like a good deal? Here’s how you can help.


Fund on a Regular Basis

We have recently launched our Patreon page! For those not familiar, this is a place where you can help fund our project on a monthly basis and get goodies in return. You get to choose the amount you’d like to donate. We’ve prepared a bunch of fun presents for you. You can go check them and our page out here.


Send us Presents

Everybody loves Amazon. We’ve created an Amazon list with all the studio supplies we need right now. Click buy and it’ll send that object to us. Check back often to see what new items we need, they might give you hints on the projects that we’re starting to work on. Go look at our wish list here.


One Time Customizable Donation

Prefer to keep it simple? We got you. We’ve set up a paypal and your donations will go straight to us to help fund everything. Click on that shiny button down there and pick the amount that works for you.

No matter the amount, your help is so appreciated. We can’t do this without you. All donating supporters will get their names on our website. If we get enough funds, we’ll take those names and put them on the studio wall in the permanent Pinfeather Studios. (Coming soon!) (Hopefully!)


You are amazing. You are making music real and we thank you.

MusicRaina Randolph