Raina Randolph


Founder and owner of Pinfeather Studios.

She’s had a love for the arts all her life. Raina is a master of empowering music and art and strives to fill her life with anything that has to do with creativity. “I believe that imagination is our greatest power, and I would hate to waste any of it.” At five years old she began taking piano lessons and since then has added guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar to her repertoire. At thirteen she enrolled in college and at sixteen she graduated with the highest honors. "Naturally," her debut album, was released in 2014 when Raina was eighteen. Soon after she began to study and work as a Music Producer, forming the company Pinfeather Studios as she continued to practice her craft. She often leads workshops for teens and young adults on how to find music, art, and inspiration in their lives. In 2017 she began her career as a Music Teacher. With over 50 students now, she loves to watch the creativity and imagination spark in others. She strives to live a life of creative passions and has many projects in the works.