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This Day

Join Jenny Randolph as she creates amazingly decadent dishes. She shows us how to cook Vegetarian (and sometimes Vegan!) food without losing any of the taste. Along with these great recipes, she serves up a side of personal stories and life lessons to enrich your life and make it that much more delicious

"Almost everything I’ve ever done has started in my kitchen. I’ve made big decisions, worked through challenges, and celebrated victories there. I think that life is like cooking; when it works, it doesn’t have much to do with how fancy or simple the process was. Good food, and a life well lived, comes down to how much heart you put in. Everything I make in the kitchen has all my love in it."  

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Water and Stone Church

Water and Stone Church is a community of service driven individuals devoted to creating a peaceful world. Led by their Pastor Dieter Randolph, each member of this amazing church strives to enrich their life and the lives of others with love and joy. Each week, catch Pastor Dieter's service videos, plus tons of extra online classes about how to live a more meaningful life. 

"For some people, church is where you go to pack your spiritual bags and prepare for a getaway. For some, church is a fortress, a protection against the world. Either way, a lot of folks get left out.... We're working to challenge assumptions about what church is, uncover what it always was, and explore the potential of what it might be. Church can be about engagement instead of escape. It can be about celebration instead of judgement. We are here to bring timeless Truth to bear on real life, right here and now."

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