What's a Pinfeather?

A pin feather is essentially a young feather that hasn’t quite “bloomed.” Anyone can be an artist, not everyone has the tools to become great. We want to give out those tools to build a more creative world. We love working with artists of all levels, no matter how many feathers they have.

Pinfeather Multimedia Studios is here to help your art take flight. Everyone has a song, a film, a picture, or a world of ideas inside them. We want to see yours.

So much of this world focuses on how much money you have or what your public image looks like. We are judged not by what we are, but what we appear to be and have. We want to change that. We want each individual to be celebrated for their true talent, passion, and ideas. Here, we focus on the art. Whether it's a song, an album, a film, every idea helps to create a new world. We concentrate on what you want your art to be and we will work with any budget or talent level. We’re here to provide all the resources that you may not have. Musicians, Directors, Editors, Producers, studio technology, high-end equipment, Agents, all ready to work. We want you to drive us. If you have an idea, you should be involved in every creative decision to make that a reality. We want to provide help. We’re in the business of making art. Your Art.

It’s time to fly, let us be the wind beneath your wings.